Need to have a complete sightseeing on pristine beaches in such a romance ambiance? Then you have to consider staying Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood. Located at such a strategic place in Hat Khlong Chao, this resort remains as the best destination for both tourists and business people, who want to reach important places in short distance—from business districts, shopping malls, markets, restaurants, bustling nightlife cafés. Definitely, its excellent location is not the main reason, why everyone should stay in this place during the visit in Thailand. Luxury, comfort and ambiance of Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood are the winner.

Amenities :

Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood may offer similar kinds of amenities for all guests. Yet, those amenities have much higher standard than other hotels throughout Koh Kood. All the amenities ensure all guests to stay comfortably and safely, as guests can keep their belongings to the safety deposit boxes with the security guarantee, laundry service, 24/7 room service, delectable menus from the restaurant and excellent drinks from the bar. Even when any guest decides to stay within the room after experiencing jet lags, they can just enjoy cable television, enjoying private spa within the elegant bathroom or merely browsing through the World Wide Web with very fast internet access.


Privacy at Its Best :

Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood only has nine rooms. All of them are enchantingly designed with the most modern interior. Most guests of Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood always say that they love the tranquil ambiance during their stay, as there are only a few guests here. Yet, they still can enjoy fascinating outdoor activities like water sports, fishing, swimming pool, massage spas, and many more. Every room has the wonderful sea view of Klong Chao Beach, so everyone can just rejuvenate from within each room.

Early Booking is Always A Necessary :

Due to the high demand of staying in Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood, everyone should make an advanced booking. This is especially because of the few amount of the available rooms, especially during the peak season. The affordable rate of each room is the main reason, why all rooms are always fully booked. Some people even try to find special packages in staying at this hotel, while enjoying complete activities like Klong Chaow Waterfall hiking trip, speed boat, night cruise for witnessing fireflies or dancing show and many other activities. Usually, some travel agents also include menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner








Vacationing has gradually become a very important aspect in the lives of many people worldwide. In addition to that, the importance of choosing the right vacation destination to meet personal or entire families needs cannot be overemphasized. When it comes to top destinations worldwide, few countries challenge Thailand for first place. This can be attributed to the beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent resorts that grace the country. One such resort is Wendy The Pool, a beach-side hotel with multiple amenities that is sure to capture the attention of many.

Located in Koh Kood Island, Eastern Thailand, Wendy The Pool Resort houses one of the best outdoor pools in the area accompanied by luxurious villa-style rooms that take one’s breath away. With the resort’s location just by the beach, visitors are treated to wonderful sea views with multiple activities to carry out during their stay.

Furthermore, the resort offers two types of accommodation; The Pool Access Villa and The Pool Suite. The Pool Access Villa combines both new and old age structuring and decoration to bring the best out of the Koh Kood experience. With direct access to the largest and most stylish pool in Koh Kood, combined with a wonderful sea view, the experience is truly magical. The Pool Suite Villa, on the other hand, is designed to provide more privacy to visitors through its beach front location and wonderful private pool. Both villas come with air conditioning, a television, a mini home theatre, a refrigerator, a safe locker, a coffee machine and warm water.

Apart from the villas, Wendy The Pool resort also has some other wonderful features that set it apart from the others which include;

1. Strong Internet Connections

Whether one is in their room or engaging in an activity outdoor in the public areas, Wendy The Pool Resort guarantees that he/she stays connected through the free Wi-Fi provided. It is not only free but also very strong.

2. Various Fun Activities

Being strategically located along the beach enables the resort to provide many fun activities to its visitors. Those activities include; Fishing, Canoeing, Hiking, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Diving, “Squiding”(by kayaking) and Night fishing.

3. Wonderful Attractions

The Koh Kood Island is one of the most beautiful regions in Thailand. This can be attributed to its expansive coastline which houses some wonderful beaches such as the Palm Beach and Neverland Beach which are a must see for anyone visiting the area. They are located about 0.4 km. and 2.4 km. respectively from Wendy The Pool Resort.

In addition to that, there is the Koh Kut Sunset, a wonderful marvel of nature that occurs each evening, about 1.5 km. from the resort, that is sure to create that picture-perfect moment. To cap the off, visitors can enjoy a night cruise in the canal nearby to glimpse the wonderful sight of fireflies and aluminized plankton.

4. Top-notch Facilities and Services

Undoubtedly one of the best features of Wendy The Pool Resort is their superb services. The staff members are not only properly trained in their areas of expertise, they are also very fluent in their English.

For visitors looking for the whole Thai experience, there are different massages available for them including; the Thai massage, foot massages, facial massages, oil massages and the wonderful Aroma massage.

The resort also houses a beach front garden and a pool for children which would be perfect for the young ones to enjoy their playtime. The restaurants present offer delicious meals, both local and international, and the bar would be a perfect relaxing point for the adults. The outdoors also house a wonderful Sun Deck which is a really perfect place to enjoy the wonderful sunlight.

For visitors with their own cars, ample parking is provided nearby at a very low daily rate. Furthermore, both Airport and Shuttle services are available for visitors looking to book them. In addition to all that, laundry services are also available.

5. Easy Booking and Low rates

Unlike most classy resorts in the world, the rates offered by Wendy The Pool Resort are superbly low compared to the quality of service that one receives. More interestingly, booking for rooms and other services present in the resource can easily and securely be managed online through the resorts website.

Although the Wendy The Pool Resort is a wonderful place to be in, it does have a fair number of policies that may not be too appealing to some visitors. They include :

1. No Pets Policy

This is one of the downsides to the resort. Visitors who wish to enjoy a vacation together with their pets will have to look elsewhere since they are strictly not allowed in this resort.

2. No Cooking Policy

This is another feature that can also negatively affects some visitors who may wish to carry out their own cooking during the vacation.

Wendy the Pool Resort is a true 4 star resort. Its location on Koh Kood Island is just one of the many geographical advantages that it has over many other resorts. The architecture of the villas, restaurants and other structures on the resort creates an aura of tranquility that makes one’s stay even more worthwhile. The highly trained staff are very professional and eloquent in both Thai and English. Their dedication to always meet one’s needs paired with their friendly nature is one of the main aspects that makes Wendy The Pool Resort feel like a home away from home.

In conclusion, Wendy The Pool Resort is surely a destination to visit. Most pundits have recommended the area for visitors who either wish to enjoy the sandy beaches, go for that romantic getaway or who are looking to do some sight-seeing. The facilities in the resort are easily accessible to all visitors, with the resort being able to host both families and visitors travelling alone. After receiving a 4 star rating with over 41,000,000 verified reviews online, it is truly evident that this Koh Kood located resort is one of the best there is. Therefore, if one looks to have that magical vacation on a wonderfully small budget, they should look no further than Wendy The Pool Resort.