Trat airport offers a beautiful welcoming sight of green elephants. However, unlike other airports you will not see any taxis waiting to pick you if you had not booked. Unless you are lucky you can hitch a ride to your destination. This is the reason that many people are advised to make prior arrangements so as to have a smooth transfer from Trat Airport to Koh Kood.

Do not be fooled by the airport’s name since it is not located in or near Trat. It is up to you to ensure that your transfer from Trat Airport to Koh Kood is planned ahead and your flight coincides with the pickup schedule offered. From Trat airport you will need to head to Laem Sok Piers before getting on a boat to Koh Kood. Confirm in advance if you are scheduled for a pickup to avoid any inconvenience.

Most resorts have very strict policies and the drivers are not allowed to wait for late passengers. There is not much to see on your way to Laem Sok from the airport. There are a few nice temples and a small museum, but if you have luggage’s you will need transport to move around easily with no hassle at all.

Most times the transfer from Trat Airport to Koh Kood is usually a private one. You can make online bookings and plan yourself to arrive an hour earlier so as to avoid being left behind.

The transfer from Trat Airport to Koh Kood can be a smooth one based on the car service providers you have selected. The ride can be relaxing and comfortable to the Laem Sok pier before finally getting in the speed boat for the ride to Koh Kood.

If you take the morning flight you will be able to use the express boats. As for the lunchtime flight you will use the high-speed catamaran. If you take the evening flight you will have to spend the night at Trat or Laem Sok. You can also charter a private speedboat. Private transfer from Trat Airport to Koh Kood is your best option as it will ensure that you maintain all your schedules. There will be no delay or boat misses.

You do not have to worry about your safety as all the people in charge of your transport are completely vetted and verified. They have been certified so as to ensure you reach your destination safely and have a pleasant ride at all times. You will be required to wear a life vest during the entire trip.