Koh Kood is one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. People from all over the world, travel to Thailand just to see the beautiful beaches here. They are mostly open for the tourists all over the year but there are particular seasons when there is so much rush that you can’t even find place to stay. It is usually the next destination of the tourists after Bangkok, so this has lead to the emergence of various resorts and the beach side bungalows. The Bungalows on Koh Kood has the ranges from mid to high. November to March is the basic season for foreign tourists here, so the bungalows on Koh Kood are mostly filled in this time period.


The Bungalows on Koh Kood
mostly remains open from November to May because that is the tourist season and people out there strive to get the best Bungalows there. If it is off season and there are fewer tourists then it is a chance that you might get the most basic rooms at very high prices. Well this is applicable for other seasons too, mostly bungalows out there are expensive only because the beach is in the remote area of Thailand. The quality of the rooms of koh Kood bungalows is very good, and the prices vary according to the kind of room you want. If you need Air-con rooms then you need to spend more.

The thing that everyone would notice here is that almost all the bungalows on this beach are expensive than any other beach. The basic thing that makes the bungalows and resorts so beautiful is that they mostly provide the beachfront look. This is possible because the area is so vacant that bungalows are easily made spacious on the beach.

The Bungalows on this beach have different prices, and it all depends on the size and the facilities a room provides. You can get the room starting from as cheap as Baht 1,500 per night to as expensive as Baht 10,000 per night. So that all depends on the kind of bungalow and resort you reserved. The bungalows on Koh Kood are also very luxurious; they provide you with the beach bar, water sports etc. The bungalows on Koh Kood sometimes send their speedboats to pick up the tourists so as to make it easy for them to reach at such remote place.

Thus we can say that Bungalows on koh Kood are available in almost every range but their expenses are unpredictable during the seasons.