Taking a trip to Koh Kood is the perfect getaway if you are traveling with your family and friends. But since it is located in the far south-eastern part of Thailand, near its sea border with Cambodia, you have to prepare yourself for the long journey. You have to know beforehand as well that you would have to take a boat or ferry to Koh Kood. We assure you, though, that it would really be worth it, as Koh Kood is replete with beautiful natural sites that will surely awe the sightseer and traveler in all of us.

Once you have taken a boat or ferry to Koh Kood, arrived in the island safely, and have had your adequate share of rest and relaxation after the lengthy trip, do consider going to the following sites that Koh Kood is famous for:

Beaches – In arguably the main reason why people flock to Koh Kood, the beaches treat vacationists to a stretch of white sand and warm blue waters, which still retain their overt natural exquisiteness. This is because the place itself is still essentially undeveloped. Resorts are situated along the beach’s expanse.

Klong Yai Ki Waterfalls – There are two waterfalls that Koh Kood is famous for, and this is the smaller of them. It is found in the north-western part of the island. Known for being a quiet and secluded place, it is the perfect place to relax and meditate.

Klong Chao Waterfalls – Klong Chao is noticeably larger, with a pool that can accomodate multiple tourists. Most tour packages include it in their sightseeing itinerary, so expect to find the place crowded when you get there.

Ao Salat – On the island’s northern portion is this fishing village, that is commonly reached using motorbicycles or ferries arriving from the mainland. It is known for housing excellent seafood restaurants, which allow you to choose fresh seafood straight from the fisherman’s net to have them cooked right away. You can also choose to buy local crafts from its souvenir shops.

Ao Yai – On the opposite south-eastern end of the island is this other fishing village. It is the more accessible of the two fishing villages, as it is connected to the island’s main road. It is a great place to snorkel and fish, with actual fishermen assisting you.

These are but some of the sights that you can expect to see once you arrive at Koh Kood. Just like any trip, make it a point to plan your vacation from the start. Decide on whether you are going to take a motorboat or ferry to Koh Kood, as either one has its own advantages and disadvantages. It also would not hurt to read reviews about the resorts in Koh Kood online, to learn which one best suits your preferences.