Taking vacations is very important for each and every person. This is because a vacation enables you to take some time off the metro world and relax. When you get back from your vacation, you are able to perform better in different areas since you took time off to regain the energy. This is why it is important to choose a resort that is relaxing and offers great activities during your stay. One good example of such a resort is the Shantaa, Koh Kood. This is an amazing resort located in the Kood Island in Tad Province. The Shantaa Resort has amazing villas where you can get a wonderful view of the sea. There are also very beautifully made rooms that have a romantic theme making it perfect for a couples retreat. There is also an amazing beach at this resort where you can pass time relaxing as you enjoy the breeze from the sea. Apart from being beautiful, this resort also has an amazing staff that is not only helpful but very polite to guests. The Shantaa, Koh Kood resort is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway or a vacation on your own or with friends and family.

During my vacation I chose the Shantaa, Koh Kood as my destination. This is a decision I do not regret making because my stay at this resort was very worth it. There are several things I liked about this resort. First and foremost, it is located in a peaceful Island. Seeing that is was looking for a place that is quiet in order to enjoy my peaceful vacation, the Shantaa was perfect for me. I liked the fact that there was a very supportive and polite staff that helped me get through some of the difficulties I had at the start and directed me to different places of the resort. The food was also very good and delicious. It was great to finally taste some good Thai delicacies. The villas were probably one of my favorite places in the resort because they gave a perfect view of the sea which completely gave me a different perspective of things each time I was there. It was quite relaxing to say the least. Being at Shantaa Resort was a great overall experience for me. I would do the vacation all over again at the Shantaa Resort if I had a chance.

Pros :

There are numerous advantages that one gets when they spend some time at Shantaa Resort , Koh Kood.

• It is peaceful and is set in a very serene environment. The main advantage of this resort is the fact that it is very peaceful. If you are looking to spend a silent and quiet town away from the day to day tussles that can with jobs and children, this is the perfect place for you.

• Supportive staff who are very well trained. The staff at Shantaa , Koh kood is very supportive and polite to all the guests. They are always willing to help in case you have any issue. This means that you always have someone to help every time you have a problem at Shantaa, Koh Kood.

• Comfortable and beautiful rooms. The rooms at Shantaa Resort are very well made with a romantic theme in each room. This makes you enjoy a restful night without any discomfort.

• Great beach. The best thing about this resort is the beach. It is very clean and very relaxing. Spending time at the beach in this resort is not only relaxing but also fun.

• Clean water. The water in the Shantaa resort is very clean for drinking as well as for bathing.

• Clean facilities. The environment in Shantaa resort, Koh Kood is sparkling clean. it is therefore possible to have your children play around without worrying too much about dirt.

• Beautiful environment. The scenery in this resort is breathtaking. It is perfect for the eye as well as for taking pictures.

• Numerous activities. At Shantaa resort, Koh Kood you can either get a massage, go sightseeing, snorkeling, go fishing, relax at the beach or watch the sunset among other amazing activities.


Cons :

There are several things that were great disadvantages to me during my stay at Shantaa Resort.

• Staff speaks little English. The fact that the staff at Shantaa, Koh Kood speaks very little English was a great disadvantage for me because the only language I speak is English. It made communication very difficult especially when I needed directions on how to go about certain things.

• Numerous mosquitoes at sundown. I noticed that when the sun sets, there are numerous mosquitoes at this resort. It may help for the management to come up with ways to solve this or warn the guests before hand in order for them to wear protective clothing.

• No menu. There were no menus for any dish which makes it hard to know what you are eating.

I rated the Shantaa, Koh Kood Resort at 9.1 out of 10 for various reasons. First and foremost, the rooms were very comfortable. I had a good night sleep each night I spent at the resort. I also like the fact that there were numerous activities to engage in. they enabled me to learn different things and see different places. Last but not least, I liked the fact that this resort maintained a high level of cleanliness that made my stay at the resort worthwhile. Even with the minor disadvantages, I believe this resort is the best in the area and deserves the 9.1.


In conclusion, the Shantaa, Koh Kood is an amazing place to spend a honeymoon, vacation or a peaceful time with friends and love ones. The resort makes it possible for you to take a break from the hectic everyday life. It is a fun and comfortable place to be all year round. There are also activities for everyone which means you can take your family with you if you wish to. Generally, Shantaa is a resort that does not disappoint in terms of comfort, entertainment and customer services. It is therefore worth the try.