Thailand is a creditable tourist destination in the world and the most vibrant in that part of Asia. It is popular for its exoticness and nightlife. It flocks with tourists who come with their families for vacations, for their honeymoons, for business trips and getaways. Thailand is an inescapable destination once you decide to visit. There are thousands of activities and destinations one can indulge and Koh Kood s one of them. In Koh Kood there are tens of resorts such as Neverland beach resort, Koh Kood island beach resort, Pa Hin Sai, Ngamkho resort and Petr Pan Resort.

Peter Pan Resort is one of the most magnificent family oriented resort in Thailand. It is located on the Klong Chao beach, one of the best holidaying sites in the world. There are a diversity of spots and activities which you can engage in so that you enjoy your vacation. The beach, one of the best in Koh Kood offers riverside bungalows, beachfront bungalows and garden bungalows. From these, you can watch lovely sunsets and get to capture the best of aquatic features which the Klong Chao beach has to offer.

Peter Pan resort offers you an opportunity for lots of activities to choose from coupled by friendly staff who will make your stay worthwhile. The resort is on a hill which gives you a vantage point to experience the beauty of the ocean, the mountains, the long sandy beaches, the ridiculously clear waters and the picturesque waterfalls.
The Peter Pan resort is among those which has been affectionately dubbed 5111 The Millionaires Row’. This is because it offers glamorous and memorable services. One of the services that makes one visit a hotel or resort is the accommodation. The kind of rooms that you will be inhabiting are an important factor. A common feature about the accommodation is that they have a comfortable atmosphere, possess a natural sense of the sea, have beautiful decoration and they use local wood materials. They are spread over the sea front, canal front, pool front and beach front.
The resort has a selection of accommodation which are divided into four types, The Deluxe Villa, the Fan Hut, Jacuzzi and Pool Side villa. The Deluxe Villas are very close to the beaches. The Deluxe Villas of the Peter Pan resort have one bedroom, with a king size bed, and one bathroom which gushes out warm water from its shower. The rooms are air conditioned and boasts of amenities such as a television, safe locker and a refrigerator. The villas with two bedroom offer splendid view of the beautiful garden but they have the same amenities as the single bedroom villas.
The Pool side Villas have the same features and amenities as the Deluxe Villas but their location is different. They are near the canal and they have a large shared swimming pool on a terrace. The villas with two bedrooms offer a nice view of the sea. The Jacuzzi Villas of the Peter Pan resort are beach front villas with a private swimming pool and are near the long sandy beach. The bathrooms in this villas are equipped with a Jacuzzi. That is what differentiates them from other villas.

The VIP canal view villas of the Peter Pan resort are just next to the canal and they offer one a unique opportunity to absorb the beauty of the canal and how it merges with the mangrove forest of the Klong Chao. The balconies of the villas lean very closely to the canal. Of the two bedrooms, the ground floor has a king size bed and two bed on the mezzanine. All the villas mentioned have towels provided in the bathrooms.

Now that the accommodation is over with, as mentioned before, there are lots of activities to do and it is good to start with the beach. The beach is never crowded which makes it a plus for you and your family to have proper quality time The resort is located along a quiet location along an awesome beach and wide canal. Some of the establishments on the beach are a well-stocked beach bar with all kinds of indigenous and exotic drinks. At the beach bar, you can have a chance to interact with the Koh Kood residents who frequent the joint for a drink after work. If you have had enough of what the resort has to offer on the inside, on the outside at the beach, there is a spacious open-air restaurant which has a wide selection of foods, snacks and beverages. You can enjoy the nice sea breeze as you while your time away.

Peter Pan Resort, ปีเตอร์แพน รีสอร์ท

It is the most popular beach with residents and tourists who visit Koh Kood because it is never crowded. The beach is free of rocks and the water is crystal clear. You only get to experience sand and sea because the beach is unspoiled by pollution. For its exclusivity, the beach is home to Peter Pan resort which is one of the luxurious resorts. Visitors to Koh Kood have to purchase a package tour. Other activities include canoeing, scuba diving, hiking, water skiing, and windsurfing and after a day of intense and tiring enjoyment, there is a spa and massage services. The massage services are foot, traditional Thai, facial, aroma and body massages which will help you to your ultimate relaxation.

The facilities and services it provides include a 24 hour electricity service, for you to browse on there is Wi-Fi an opportunity to share your experiences with your friends on social media platforms. You can make coffee and tea in your room plus cocktails. There is an efficient room service, there is a hairdryer in the room and a host of body and beauty products. Your laundry can be done while you enjoy views of the sea.

Next time you think of a vacation, think about Thailand and more so Koh Kood. If you would want your holiday to be memorable with great facilities, experiences, people and world-class services, then the Peter Pan resort will offer you that opportunity.