A Variety of Tour Packages to Choose for visiting Koh Kood in Thailand


Koh Kood is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand attracting millions of visitors every year from across the globe. For tourists planning to visit Koh Kood in the near future , there are a number of package options available to choose from.

Some of the popular package on Koh Kood are listed below.

1. Adventure water Sports Package

2. Fishing Tours

3. Natural scenery package

4. Body Rejuvenation package

Adventure Water Sports Package

For those having a penchant for water based adventure sports, Koh Kood offers a range of exciting water based activities including snorkeling, wind surfing and Kite surfing, Sea Kayaking, Canoeing and fishing. There are a number of beach resorts in Koh Kood that makes arrangements for the visiting guests to enjoy their wind surfing , Kayaking and Canoeing. The beach resorts provide these water sports activities as a part of three or four day stay package in their resort. While adventure seekers enjoy these adventurous water rides, the other members in the family can enjoy the serenity and the fantastic sea side views and white sand views offered by the beach resorts at Koh Kood.

Fishing Tours :

There are two fishing villages located in Koh Kood in the form of Ao Salud and Ao Yai. Ao salud also has a temple on top of the hill. Visitors can stay at one of the Home stays in Ao Salud fishing village. The Sea food restaurants in Ao Salud provide home stay facilities to the visiting guests on a budget and also serve tasty sea food. The journey from Ao Salud to Ao Yai is an adventurous ride over the hills as the vehicle passes through a thick rain forest region providing breath taking hill top views to the visiting guests.

Natural Scenery Sightseeing Package :

Koh Kood contains a number of breathtaking rain forest areas. Visiting guests get to visit two ancient trees that are located in side this beautiful island. There are also a number of beautiful waterfalls located amidst the rain forest region. One of the main waterfall in the region is located at Klong Chao. Another waterfall called the secret waterfall is located in Huang Nam Keaw. This secret waterfall is located in the same region where the ancient trees are located. There are resorts and guest houses available near these waterfalls. By booking a room in these resorts, visiting guests can hear the sound of the falling waters and if they want to see the amazing waterfall views, it’ s only a short walking distance from the resort.

Body Rejuvenation Package :

The resorts located in Koh Kood offer a number of body rejuvenation packages that usually include spas and massage treatments. For mind relaxation meditation programs are also offered. By staying for a couple of days, one can recharge their body and mind and start afresh.

By choosing an appropriate package on Koh Kood, the visitors are bound to enjoy their stay in Koh Kood.