Even though we think of our resort as one of the most blissful places on earth, I recommend that you make a short journey to the Koh Kood resort. One would be given a pass for thinking that this exclusive beach resort is in St. Tropez or Malibu. But this is Koh Kood, a remote haven of rainforests, mangrove trees, waterfalls and pristine beaches sitting in the Southeastern part of Thailand’s Gulf near the maritime border with Cambodia.

Koh Kood Island is not so much developed, hence the water here is clean and the beach is epic. One can fancy the beautiful sunset almost anywhere in that place. You can even watch the sunset right from your bed. At night, you can have an endless view of the moon and stars before going to bed. The beach is engulfed by endless opportunities for outdoor exploration and bliss. For those who opt to relax and do nothing at all, they are well covered too.

Koh Kood is the number one choice for your marine adventures. Here, visitors are provided with a relaxed hassle free atmosphere for fantastic diving and lots of fun. It does not matter whether you are an experienced fun diver, a beginner or just curious as to what diving is all about, the resort addresses your every need. Here, we understand that the visitor’s core reason for visiting is to have a good time. Hence we try as much as possible to be flexible hence tailoring your diving courses to fit your schedule. We are also flexible enough to offer training if you would like to take longer to complete your training. Trainers could also come to your resort or offer you accommodation for theory lessons if it suits you better.

There are daily boat trips on which we visit two dive/snorkel spots. Divers are given guidance by the dive masters and we dive in small groups. Snorkelers get full equipment mas, snorkel and fins. There is a briefing on snorkeling before one dives into the water and a snorkel guide to show the best spots. Diving and snorkeling is done from the same boat and 80% of the dive sites are equally good snorkel sites. For those who opt to do only one dive it is possible to do a dive off the beach. All you need is make sure that a guide is at the proximity. The half day trip on the Koh Kood offers two snorkel spots and we either leave in the morning or in the afternoon depending on the customers. We take a short break and have a snack between the dive spots. The snorkel experience at the Koh Kood is epic, it is definitely the place to be.

For many people, Tour Koh Kood is an amazing experience that they can ever have looking for these options from the whole of market. When you know where to go, you will always have an amazing experience whenever you need the best options from the whole of Laem Sok Pier Trat Thailand. Here are some of the places to tour when you are in Laem Sok Pier Trat Thailand :

1. Beaches

In the West coast, you will always enjoy the best breath-taking beaches such as Bang Bao Bay known for its cool and calm water. During your stay in the place, you will always enjoy yourself whenever you need to improve your experience in the city.

2. Klong Chao Waterfall

Klong Chao Waterfall is among the largest pool to swim in. This waterfall is about 20 to 30 minutes’ walk from the city at the same time will enable have the best experience during your stay in the city. You definitely love the experience that you will have in within the city when you are seeking the best options from the whole of market.

3. Tour at River estuary

When you need a place where you can call home, this should be a place where you can call home while still enjoying yourself in the city. From the cool forest to an amazing natural experience that you will enjoy in within the place, you will definitely love what you will experience during your stay. Many places ( restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses ) should enable you enjoy personal stay in within the Laem Sok Pier Trat Thailand.

4. Ao Salat Village

Ao Salat Village is another fishing village located in the Northern part of island that you can reach by motorbike. You can always enjoy your good seafood restaurants ( that includes home-stay and souvenir shop ) when you want to have fun. When you need to enjoy yourself, this village will always be a place where you can enjoy yourself whenever you need to have an amazing traveling experience. You will also have cheap snorkeling as well as fishing trips arranged in a local manner.

5. See the Macca Trees ( 300 year old )

The Macca Trees ( 300 year old ) is another place that you can trust and have fun when looking for a serene environment to stay at home. You will also enjoy staying at an impressive jungle. The place also have an old cave in an extraordinary shape and it is a religious place especially for the people in Thailand.

In conclusion, these are the best 5 places to take Tour in Laem Sok Pier Trat Thailand when you are in within the city.

TinkerBell Privacy Resort, is Koh Kood located in the developing and dynamic island of Trat in Thailand. It is a corner of the world where you can enjoy a stunning beach holiday with your friends and family. Soak in the sun in a sparkling white sand beach in harmony with the sounds of nature and water crashing on the shores. A clear blue sea stretches as far as the eye can take you. Perfect for a private and romantic getaway with your special one.

TinkerBell Privacy Resort, Koh Kood is a luxurious hotel in this paradise. Furnished with a blend traditional Thai decor and contemporary arts the hotel has villas which will cater to your every need. Each of its 15 Villas are designed to provide luxury and comfort to its customers.

TinkerBell Privacy Resort, Koh Kood is very close to most of the popular tourist attractions. However if you are not one for the outsides, you can spend your time in the resort which has a bevy of activities to keep you relaxed and fresh. To unwind you can choose your own personal massage treatment which takes you into the traditional culture traits of Thailand.

TinkerBell Privacy Resort, Koh Kood has a large swimming pool where you can relax all day long. They even provide facilities for water sport activities and fully furnished gymnasium for the health freaks. You have indoor and outdoor games enough to keep you and your kids busy all day long.

TinkerBell Privacy Resort, Koh Kood lays utmost emphasis on its staff and their training. You are greeted with friendly faces and smiles who welcome you to this paradise of nature. The stretch of beach just outside the resort is private and you can choose to relax in the open. Lay on the sands or frolic in the clear blue waters just opposite to TinkerBell Privacy Resort, Koh Kood.

Accommodation at TinkerBell Privacy Resort, Koh Kood mainly consists of two styles of villas. You have the beach facing villas which open out in the beach providing you with magnificent views of the sun and the sea. Just move out of the door and feel the sands under your feet. And then there are pool facing villas which open out into the inner pool. Each pool facing Villa has its own private pool which is surrounded with a bamboo fence and foliage to shade it from prying eyes. Perfect for a romantic getaway with your partner.

With such attractions It is not surprising that it is packed mostly all round the year.

High Season Resort is one of the major up market luxurious resorts in Koh Kood, and it lies on its long beachfront at the heart Klong Chao Beach. High Season Resort, Koh Kood is the ideal choice for persons in search of an upscale accommodation with a distinguished deal of intimate privacy and comfort. The white sandy beach that has turquoise clear is near this resort that provides convenient access to all key tourist attractions.


High Season Resort, Koh Kood was simply one of two or perhaps three 4-star resort on the island when it was opened in 2014. High Season Resort, Koh Kood was certainly the largest of those other resources. The resort has forty-two villas, which are spread through a vast area of lavish gardens and coconut plantation. The villas are all low rise with grass thatch roofing and blend into the expansive green environment. In addition, all the villas are surrounded by foliage and wooden fence, and this gives them a complete privacy. Each villa has a balcony overlooking its pool.

The villas’ interiors are spacious and have the smallest of four configurations. The standard pool villa in High Season Resort, Koh Kood is 96 square meters, and there are twenty-six of these. Subsequently, this is High Season’s standard room. The Royal Beach Front Pool Villa is the largest villa in High Season Resort, Koh Kood with an area of 210 square meters. All the High Season’s villas have work desks, sitting areas and big bathrooms with both open-air and indoor rain showers, with the Royal Beach Front Pool Villa in alcoves that are enclosed by natural woods.

High Season Resort, Koh Kood is home to forty-two bedrooms. All the bedrooms in High Season Resort are tastefully furnished, with most offering comfort such as toiletries, telephone, separate dining area, private pool, and television. The resort’s hotel also has a complete list of recreational facilities, and these include fishing, kids club, garden and kids’ pool. High Season Resort, Koh Kood provides a hassle-free and relaxed stay every time, thus is a suitable choice for Koh Kood’s travelers. The available services offered at High Season Resort, Koh Kood, include laundry/dry cleaning, outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service, and tour information. The resort also has a spa, a garden, hair salon, library, airport transfer, gift shops/newsstand, and babysitting/childcare as well as conference rooms.


To contact High Season Resort, Koh Kood, call +66 2107 0212 or use the fax number +66 2497 1588. The resort’s general email is info@thailandhappiness.com and has a website of http://www.kokood.com/High_Season_Resort/. You can also use the resort’s address, which is 117 Moo2. T. Koh Kood, A. Koh Kood, Trat 23000 Thailand.

To sum up, all pool villas at High Season Resort, Koh Kood provide a real sense of tranquility and privacy and are designed with incorporate and finesses green global standards. Relax and enjoy a wide range of treatment in the pristine setting of the onsite spa. Make this stunning Koh Kood Resort your home away from home, whether you are on an extended vacation or short break.


Need to have a complete sightseeing on pristine beaches in such a romance ambiance? Then you have to consider staying Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood. Located at such a strategic place in Hat Khlong Chao, this resort remains as the best destination for both tourists and business people, who want to reach important places in short distance—from business districts, shopping malls, markets, restaurants, bustling nightlife cafés. Definitely, its excellent location is not the main reason, why everyone should stay in this place during the visit in Thailand. Luxury, comfort and ambiance of Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood are the winner.

Amenities :

Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood may offer similar kinds of amenities for all guests. Yet, those amenities have much higher standard than other hotels throughout Koh Kood. All the amenities ensure all guests to stay comfortably and safely, as guests can keep their belongings to the safety deposit boxes with the security guarantee, laundry service, 24/7 room service, delectable menus from the restaurant and excellent drinks from the bar. Even when any guest decides to stay within the room after experiencing jet lags, they can just enjoy cable television, enjoying private spa within the elegant bathroom or merely browsing through the World Wide Web with very fast internet access.


Privacy at Its Best :

Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood only has nine rooms. All of them are enchantingly designed with the most modern interior. Most guests of Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood always say that they love the tranquil ambiance during their stay, as there are only a few guests here. Yet, they still can enjoy fascinating outdoor activities like water sports, fishing, swimming pool, massage spas, and many more. Every room has the wonderful sea view of Klong Chao Beach, so everyone can just rejuvenate from within each room.

Early Booking is Always A Necessary :

Due to the high demand of staying in Wendy The Pool Resort, Koh Kood, everyone should make an advanced booking. This is especially because of the few amount of the available rooms, especially during the peak season. The affordable rate of each room is the main reason, why all rooms are always fully booked. Some people even try to find special packages in staying at this hotel, while enjoying complete activities like Klong Chaow Waterfall hiking trip, speed boat, night cruise for witnessing fireflies or dancing show and many other activities. Usually, some travel agents also include menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner








Vacationing has gradually become a very important aspect in the lives of many people worldwide. In addition to that, the importance of choosing the right vacation destination to meet personal or entire families needs cannot be overemphasized. When it comes to top destinations worldwide, few countries challenge Thailand for first place. This can be attributed to the beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent resorts that grace the country. One such resort is Wendy The Pool, a beach-side hotel with multiple amenities that is sure to capture the attention of many.

Located in Koh Kood Island, Eastern Thailand, Wendy The Pool Resort houses one of the best outdoor pools in the area accompanied by luxurious villa-style rooms that take one’s breath away. With the resort’s location just by the beach, visitors are treated to wonderful sea views with multiple activities to carry out during their stay.

Furthermore, the resort offers two types of accommodation; The Pool Access Villa and The Pool Suite. The Pool Access Villa combines both new and old age structuring and decoration to bring the best out of the Koh Kood experience. With direct access to the largest and most stylish pool in Koh Kood, combined with a wonderful sea view, the experience is truly magical. The Pool Suite Villa, on the other hand, is designed to provide more privacy to visitors through its beach front location and wonderful private pool. Both villas come with air conditioning, a television, a mini home theatre, a refrigerator, a safe locker, a coffee machine and warm water.

Apart from the villas, Wendy The Pool resort also has some other wonderful features that set it apart from the others which include;

1. Strong Internet Connections

Whether one is in their room or engaging in an activity outdoor in the public areas, Wendy The Pool Resort guarantees that he/she stays connected through the free Wi-Fi provided. It is not only free but also very strong.

2. Various Fun Activities

Being strategically located along the beach enables the resort to provide many fun activities to its visitors. Those activities include; Fishing, Canoeing, Hiking, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Diving, “Squiding”(by kayaking) and Night fishing.

3. Wonderful Attractions

The Koh Kood Island is one of the most beautiful regions in Thailand. This can be attributed to its expansive coastline which houses some wonderful beaches such as the Palm Beach and Neverland Beach which are a must see for anyone visiting the area. They are located about 0.4 km. and 2.4 km. respectively from Wendy The Pool Resort.

In addition to that, there is the Koh Kut Sunset, a wonderful marvel of nature that occurs each evening, about 1.5 km. from the resort, that is sure to create that picture-perfect moment. To cap the off, visitors can enjoy a night cruise in the canal nearby to glimpse the wonderful sight of fireflies and aluminized plankton.

4. Top-notch Facilities and Services

Undoubtedly one of the best features of Wendy The Pool Resort is their superb services. The staff members are not only properly trained in their areas of expertise, they are also very fluent in their English.

For visitors looking for the whole Thai experience, there are different massages available for them including; the Thai massage, foot massages, facial massages, oil massages and the wonderful Aroma massage.

The resort also houses a beach front garden and a pool for children which would be perfect for the young ones to enjoy their playtime. The restaurants present offer delicious meals, both local and international, and the bar would be a perfect relaxing point for the adults. The outdoors also house a wonderful Sun Deck which is a really perfect place to enjoy the wonderful sunlight.

For visitors with their own cars, ample parking is provided nearby at a very low daily rate. Furthermore, both Airport and Shuttle services are available for visitors looking to book them. In addition to all that, laundry services are also available.

5. Easy Booking and Low rates

Unlike most classy resorts in the world, the rates offered by Wendy The Pool Resort are superbly low compared to the quality of service that one receives. More interestingly, booking for rooms and other services present in the resource can easily and securely be managed online through the resorts website.

Although the Wendy The Pool Resort is a wonderful place to be in, it does have a fair number of policies that may not be too appealing to some visitors. They include :

1. No Pets Policy

This is one of the downsides to the resort. Visitors who wish to enjoy a vacation together with their pets will have to look elsewhere since they are strictly not allowed in this resort.

2. No Cooking Policy

This is another feature that can also negatively affects some visitors who may wish to carry out their own cooking during the vacation.

Wendy the Pool Resort is a true 4 star resort. Its location on Koh Kood Island is just one of the many geographical advantages that it has over many other resorts. The architecture of the villas, restaurants and other structures on the resort creates an aura of tranquility that makes one’s stay even more worthwhile. The highly trained staff are very professional and eloquent in both Thai and English. Their dedication to always meet one’s needs paired with their friendly nature is one of the main aspects that makes Wendy The Pool Resort feel like a home away from home.

In conclusion, Wendy The Pool Resort is surely a destination to visit. Most pundits have recommended the area for visitors who either wish to enjoy the sandy beaches, go for that romantic getaway or who are looking to do some sight-seeing. The facilities in the resort are easily accessible to all visitors, with the resort being able to host both families and visitors travelling alone. After receiving a 4 star rating with over 41,000,000 verified reviews online, it is truly evident that this Koh Kood located resort is one of the best there is. Therefore, if one looks to have that magical vacation on a wonderfully small budget, they should look no further than Wendy The Pool Resort.


Taking vacations is very important for each and every person. This is because a vacation enables you to take some time off the metro world and relax. When you get back from your vacation, you are able to perform better in different areas since you took time off to regain the energy. This is why it is important to choose a resort that is relaxing and offers great activities during your stay. One good example of such a resort is the Shantaa, Koh Kood. This is an amazing resort located in the Kood Island in Tad Province. The Shantaa Resort has amazing villas where you can get a wonderful view of the sea. There are also very beautifully made rooms that have a romantic theme making it perfect for a couples retreat. There is also an amazing beach at this resort where you can pass time relaxing as you enjoy the breeze from the sea. Apart from being beautiful, this resort also has an amazing staff that is not only helpful but very polite to guests. The Shantaa, Koh Kood resort is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway or a vacation on your own or with friends and family.

During my vacation I chose the Shantaa, Koh Kood as my destination. This is a decision I do not regret making because my stay at this resort was very worth it. There are several things I liked about this resort. First and foremost, it is located in a peaceful Island. Seeing that is was looking for a place that is quiet in order to enjoy my peaceful vacation, the Shantaa was perfect for me. I liked the fact that there was a very supportive and polite staff that helped me get through some of the difficulties I had at the start and directed me to different places of the resort. The food was also very good and delicious. It was great to finally taste some good Thai delicacies. The villas were probably one of my favorite places in the resort because they gave a perfect view of the sea which completely gave me a different perspective of things each time I was there. It was quite relaxing to say the least. Being at Shantaa Resort was a great overall experience for me. I would do the vacation all over again at the Shantaa Resort if I had a chance.

Pros :

There are numerous advantages that one gets when they spend some time at Shantaa Resort , Koh Kood.

• It is peaceful and is set in a very serene environment. The main advantage of this resort is the fact that it is very peaceful. If you are looking to spend a silent and quiet town away from the day to day tussles that can with jobs and children, this is the perfect place for you.

• Supportive staff who are very well trained. The staff at Shantaa , Koh kood is very supportive and polite to all the guests. They are always willing to help in case you have any issue. This means that you always have someone to help every time you have a problem at Shantaa, Koh Kood.

• Comfortable and beautiful rooms. The rooms at Shantaa Resort are very well made with a romantic theme in each room. This makes you enjoy a restful night without any discomfort.

• Great beach. The best thing about this resort is the beach. It is very clean and very relaxing. Spending time at the beach in this resort is not only relaxing but also fun.

• Clean water. The water in the Shantaa resort is very clean for drinking as well as for bathing.

• Clean facilities. The environment in Shantaa resort, Koh Kood is sparkling clean. it is therefore possible to have your children play around without worrying too much about dirt.

• Beautiful environment. The scenery in this resort is breathtaking. It is perfect for the eye as well as for taking pictures.

• Numerous activities. At Shantaa resort, Koh Kood you can either get a massage, go sightseeing, snorkeling, go fishing, relax at the beach or watch the sunset among other amazing activities.


Cons :

There are several things that were great disadvantages to me during my stay at Shantaa Resort.

• Staff speaks little English. The fact that the staff at Shantaa, Koh Kood speaks very little English was a great disadvantage for me because the only language I speak is English. It made communication very difficult especially when I needed directions on how to go about certain things.

• Numerous mosquitoes at sundown. I noticed that when the sun sets, there are numerous mosquitoes at this resort. It may help for the management to come up with ways to solve this or warn the guests before hand in order for them to wear protective clothing.

• No menu. There were no menus for any dish which makes it hard to know what you are eating.

I rated the Shantaa, Koh Kood Resort at 9.1 out of 10 for various reasons. First and foremost, the rooms were very comfortable. I had a good night sleep each night I spent at the resort. I also like the fact that there were numerous activities to engage in. they enabled me to learn different things and see different places. Last but not least, I liked the fact that this resort maintained a high level of cleanliness that made my stay at the resort worthwhile. Even with the minor disadvantages, I believe this resort is the best in the area and deserves the 9.1.


In conclusion, the Shantaa, Koh Kood is an amazing place to spend a honeymoon, vacation or a peaceful time with friends and love ones. The resort makes it possible for you to take a break from the hectic everyday life. It is a fun and comfortable place to be all year round. There are also activities for everyone which means you can take your family with you if you wish to. Generally, Shantaa is a resort that does not disappoint in terms of comfort, entertainment and customer services. It is therefore worth the try.

Having a great vacation or a place where you can relax without the nuisance that have thronged the world can be a great task in the current day and time. Most of the places that were previously considered as hidden gems have quickly become the most populated places hence their zest and the serenity have been depleted. However, among all the hype and the excitement, there are a couple of resorts among them being Captain Hook in Koh Kood that have managed to retain the serenity and add a touch of elegance and comfort to avail you the best tourism destination that most people only dream of.

Captain Hook Resort is a one of a kind resort that offers a great deal of services not to mention the impeccable service that is offered. Their top of the line service is matched by the features and the diverse options of rooms that they offer. This is why they are worth a 7.8 rating out of 10 and for a hotel this is quite much considering that a great number of them are good at drumming up support for themselves but rarely deliver. However, both Koh Kood and Captain Hook Resort have done quite a good job of both promising and delivering.


Pros :

There are a great deal of reasons as to why one would want to spend their vacation at this one of kind resort and this is because of the diverse benefits that they have to offer and some of these are extended to their customers.

They have a wide range of options especially with the guest rooms. Each of the rooms comes with different services and the best part is that because of this, the resort is able to have a bit of something for everyone. A greater deal of people are therefore able to afford a night or two at the Captain Hook Resort.

The hotel as well as the surrounding are simply picturesque and they are a true candy to the eye. Regardless of whether you are here to get away from the hustles of life or whether you are here to simply have some time to yourself and enjoy what nature has to offer, you can be guaranteed that this one of a kind resort will have the best chance of enjoying all these and for some time you will definitely forget about everything else that the world has ever thrown at you.

Captain Hook Resort also offers a great deal of features and amenities that will make your stay here more than comfortable and definitely one to remember. Some of the features that you should be able to enjoy while you are here include the pool for adults and also kids, watersports, a massage, car park with valet services coffee shops, restaurant and even a poolside bar.

One of the best thing about this resort is the fact that they allow pets here. This means that you are able to enjoy the best outing of your life without having to worry about having to leave your lovable pet at home. While you are here your pet can be able to enjoy the same fun you are. It helps to clear the worry and allows you to focus more on relaxing.

It is also worth mentioning the high standards of service that the resort is able to offer and this is more so with reference to the barman who is quite the catch. While here, you should be able to enjoy quality service with a smile that is timely and very patient with you. The employees understand that the customer is king and they make you feel the same as well.

The hotel has access to a one of a kind natural beach which is in among the best spots in Koh Kood and this means that if you are feeling more adventurous, you can ditch the pools and go for the best that nature has to offer and these are the blue waters of the all-natural beaches that are very well maintained.


Cons :

As much as this may sound like a paradise which in its own right it is, there are a number of things that could be done to make it better and improve the services and also the features of the Captain Hook Resort to make it even better and a more pleasurable place to be.

The express boat services that transfers the visitors to the resort are only available during the high season that is usually between October and May. This can be quite the inconvenience for other tourists that would like to pay a visit outside of the high season.

Also the chances of a guest getting an extra bed in their room depends on the room that they pay for. Which means that visitors with children and do not have the means to go for a room that qualifies for an extra bed may be in for some real trouble.

With the benefits and the disadvantages now in your focus, it is easier to see why a 7.8 star review is ideal for Captain Hook Resort in Koh Kood. The good parts that include the diversity in services, rooms and amenities, the great location and even the transfer services in the high season are among the factors that get the resort to a 7.8 star rating. This is more so the case considering that they give you value for your money.

One the other hand, the lack of regard for tourists that do not come in the high season, or those that are not full boarders dents their credibility to a considerable extent and this is even more so the case given that an extra bed is only availed for tourists that book certain rooms. As such for a person that has a large family and does not have the financial flexibility to book themselves in a proper room might be facing quite the predicament. These are the reasons why the resort loses out on the 2.2 points to help it hit a perfect score.

Regardless, being at the Captain Hook Resort is an experience that is worth remembering and worth the effort. However, it may be of help to make sure that you plan your trip to make sure that you arrive in the high season for the sake of convenience.

When seeking the best place to choose for your vacation comfort and accessibility to quality services are among the factors that you consider. It is in this perspective that Koh Kood beach resort is created. With a luxurious atmosphere surrounding the resort, amenities such as an infinity pool o a beaten track in an island is available. This is alongside the lush tropical surroundings and mouth-watering cuisines. To cup it all there is a wide range of recreational and entertainment activities lined up for the period of your stay to ensure that you enjoy maximally.

Koh Kood Beach Resort Review

When seeking the best place to choose for your vacation comfort and accessibility to quality services are among the factors that you consider. It is in this perspective that Koh Kood beach resort is created. With a luxurious atmosphere surrounding the resort, amenities such as an infinity pool o a beaten track in an island is available. This is alongside the lush tropical surroundings and mouth-watering cuisines. To cup it all there is a wide range of recreational and entertainment activities lined up for the period of your stay to ensure that you enjoy maximally.

Location of the Koh Kood Beach Resort

The resort is located in the Koh Kood island. This is within the Ko Kut district in Thailand. Being on an island access to the resort is made through speedboats that are available for hire. These can be found on the Laen Sok pier that is accessible through a flight to Trat Airport. Availability of the speedboat is guaranteed though the system may be lower during the low season only for them to return when the tourist numbers are high. From the pier to the resort, free transport is provided and in such a way no need to worry seeking for transport services. This is also the same when leaving where transport to the pier is made available at no cost.


. Serene environment – The resort is located in the Ko Kut Islands. Cupped with heavy coconut plantations, the island provides a quite environment where every visitor enjoys bounties of fresh air cupped with the cool breeze from the ocean. This is further enhanced by the fact that the island has poor and low infrastructure and in such way leaving the visitors to enjoy by themselves without interruption from the locals.

. Magnificent ocean view – With the island located at about 60 minutes drive by a speedboat, it offers a perfect view of the ocean. It is in this perspective that the Koh Kood beach resort is considered to offer the best of ocean experience where visitors enjoy the view of the ocean as the sunrises and as it goes down.

. Excellent recreational facilities – From beach volleyball, to diving alongside other activities, the resort is one hub of activities that are all tailored to ensure that you never at any time regret or get bored during your stay. This is further enhanced by a customer friendly staff and instructors who not only ensure that you are safe during the exercises but also offer guidance on how to go about various undertakings.

. For those willing to enjoy the nature, Koh Kood beach resort provides bikes for the visitors and in such way enable them take tours around the beach and the island as well.

. For those who love to adventure below the sea surface, this is enhanced by provision of snorkeling gear that enables one to dive deep into the sea. This is further enhanced by the presence of diving instructors and a rescue team that is always at hand to lend a hand in case of any in eventuality.

. A variety of indoor activities including individual DVD system for each room to keep you occupied in the instances you wish to spend your time indoors.

. Those willing to explore deep into the sea for fishing activities as well as exploration of the cove are provided with fully equipped Kayaks.

. Thailand is famous for its great cuisines. This is what you get at the resort where it boasts of great chefs who prepare welcoming dishes according to the preference of the visitor. This is further made better by the great service staff who always ensure that the visitors remain comfortable at all times during the stay.

. Child room policy – This resort is also created to offer its facilities to include family vacation. Provision for children is made to the advantage of the parent. For children below the age of two years, accommodation is free so long they are sharing the bed with the parent. For those above the age of two but below that age of 12 years, accommodation is free if they share the bed with the parent but they are required to pay for breakfast. However, for those above the age of 12 years, they are required to pay for an extra bed as well as other services provided.

. For those travelling on business vacation, communication and access to the internet is available. This is through free Wi-Fi connectivity that is available at the resorts common room. As such one is able to keep in touch with family and business colleagues and hence reducing worries that might interrupt your vacation.

Why You Should Choose Koh Kood Beach Resort

A Few Things You Should Note

. Lack of appropriate infrastructure makes it difficult for tourists to enjoy sightseeing and as well accessing some areas of the island.

. During the high season, the resort is normally overbooked and in such a way proves to be quite difficult to get a room. This is more so when the booking is done within a short notice.

. During the low season – The staffs at the resort are released and hence only few are left and in such provision of services become poor. Even when the issue is raised with the management very little can be done as the staff available is always occupied with other chores.

How to access and make reservations to the resort

Booking for a stay at Koh Kood beach resort is an easy process. Booking can be made straight through the hotels website. On the site there is the tourist finds the range of available rooms and the services available at the given instance. This can also be done through various appointed agents who keep updated information on the latest rates to access the hotel services.


With its wide range of services, Koh Kood beach resort boasts of offering bets services to families, couples and individual on vacation. A stay at the hotel is a rewarding experience through which every visitor leaves with a mark of contentment. This is further enhanced by the absolute facilities provided by the hotel that includes habitable and enjoyable living conditions plus a wide range of activities to keep the whole family occupied during the stay.

Koh Kood Resort, Koh Kood

Boonsiri High Speed Ferry

When taking a vacation, a lot of people like to choose a destination that is relaxing and beautiful in order to take a rest from their everyday busy schedules. Aow Noi Resort, Koh Kood is one of the resorts where you can feel well rested and enjoy a fabulous vacation. The resort is very beautiful; it is located in an area with private long sand beach where you can take walks to enjoy the scenery. The resort also has a large crystal blue water body where you can take time to watch the fish that are stored in the water. Apart from picturesque scenery, this resort also has an amazing restaurant where they serve very delicious food. There are also numerous activities to get involved in during your stay at the resort. First and foremost, there is a TV and karaoke opportunity at the restaurant which keeps you entertained. For those who love outdoors, there is canoeing and kayaking opportunities for you. Last but not least, there is sports equipment for those who love to keep fit on vacation as well as various books on different subjects for those who cannot do without a great book.

The time I spent at Aow Noi Resort, Koh Kood is a time that is very memorable for me. The resort is not only beautiful but also very comfortable. I loved the fact that the staff at Aow Noi Resort is very welcoming and quite helpful. I found it very easy to get by through each day with some help from them. The water at the resort is something else I appreciated while I was staying at the Aow Noi Resort. This is because it is very clean and readily available since I got complementary water on a daily basis. I have noticed from the number of resorts I have been to that the resorts do not play close attention to the activities they make available for their guests. This means that its possible to visit a resort and end up doing a few things since there are not many activities to choose from. this however is not the case when it comes to Aow Noi Resort. This resort pays close attention in ensuring that all the guests are entertained. This is something else I liked about the resort. It made it possible for me to do different things each day during my time there. Aow Noi Resort was therefore a great experience for me in general.

Pros : Aow Noi Resort , Koh Kood

There are many advantages a person gets from visiting this resort.

• The Aow Noi Resort is located in a peaceful area that is fit for those who require serenity. The fact that this resort is nowhere near all the noise from the nearby towns is very important because it makes it possible for the guests to enjoy a peaceful time at the resort which is the main purpose of taking a vacation.

• Clean water. Aow Noi Resort has very clean water for drinking as well as for using in other areas such as bathing. This is very important because ot ensures you remain healthy throughout your stay at the resort.

• Polite staff. The staff at this resort is very helpful to the customers and is always ready to help. They make you feel at home.

• Numerous activities. The Aow Noi Resort is very fun to stay at because there are various things you can do to avoid getting bored. There activities for everyone. It is therefore impossible to get bored at this resort.

• Beautiful scenery. The resort is very beautiful. It creates an amazing backdrop for photos which you can take to share the memories with friends and family.

• Great food. One of the things that would make me go back to this resort in a heartbeat is the food. The food at this resort is very delicious. It is also served very well. While I was there, I always looked forward to the nest meal. The resort should not make changes to their food.

Cons : Aow Noi Resort, Koh Kood

There are various disadvantages I noticed about this resort.

• Uncomfortable bungalows. The bungalows at this resort are made of wooden material that has a few spaces around it. I noticed lizards getting into the bungalow through the spaces. Mosquitoes are also in large numbers during the night which makes sleeping in these wooden bungalows very uncomfortable at night.

• Fewer facilities in the room. Compared to other resorts, the Aow Noi Resort does not have adequate facilities in their rooms. This is quite a disadvantage because it requires you to miss out on some things you are accustomed to. However, the facilities that are available are well made and are very clean. It may be a good idea for the management to solve this little problem.

My rating for the Aow Noi Resort is at 8.9 out of 10. The reason I gave this resort a rating of 8.9 is the fact that there are numerous advantages I noticed from them that are difficult to get in most resorts. The fact that the staff is supportive, the food is delicious and there are numerous activities is the main reasons why I loved the Aow Noi Resort so much. However the 1.1 off the rating is due to the accommodation and lack of facilities. This is because I think it is important to have a comfortable room.

In conclusion, the Aow Noi Resort, Koh Kood is an amazing resort. The pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to this resort. The disadvantages I found easy to get by since they were not that serious. It only requires you to have information about the place before going in order to carry all you need. If you do so, you are guaranteed of a great time at this resort. Therefore, Aow Noi Resort in my opinion is a great place to spend some time off work or just some relaxing time. You will not want to leave when it’s time to go back to your daily activities.