Koh Kood speed boats offer the most luxurious way of Trans versing between Laem Sok Pier the mainland and the Koh Kood in the tropical islands. The Koh kood speed boats are very fast just as the name suggest. They offer the most comfortable ride since they are new and always in the best conditions possible. The speed of the Koh Kood boats is normally a few minutes slower than the city shuttle. The advantage is that you will savor the comfortable ride in a calm, cool and breezy environment that you will live to treasure.

Koh kood speed boats is under the much respected Siri Whites Company that specializes in boats. Hence you are assured of your safety since the company has been ferrying people for ages in a safe and conducive manner. The company managing the Koh kood speed boats has never encountered any incidents or fatalities for that matter. This helps in boosting your confidence and giving you an aura of peace in your travel.

The Koh hood speed boats are diversified to ferry virtually any group size from the mainland to Koh hood. The boats may carry from six to sixty groups of people. It is therefore suitable to many varieties of group. Groups going for retreats, camping, touring, traveling and studying will therefore benefit maximally from the services offered by the Koh Kood speed boats. Depending on your group size and function, the team of vary professional managers of the company will offer you’re the most appropriate boat for your use.

The Koh kood speed boat staff will always treat you with the highest level of professionalism. You will be treated with dignity all along the trip and this will go a long way in enhancing your experience in the sea journey. Our staff is always willing to help you and the services extend beyond the pay. Also, at Koh hood speed boats, your safety is always the priority and hence safety jackets and equipment will always be provided. The main happiness of the company is drawn from your happiness.

All the Koh Kood speed boats are brand-new hence maximum performance. The most powerful and largest boat of the Koh hood speed boats is the Siriwhite speed boat. The boat is most preferably used when the weather is relatively rough. Under tough sea conditions and most specifically when the passenger number is more than average, the boat is always used. This happens mostly in the afternoons and during peak times. An advantage of the Koh hood speed boats is that children are always charged at fifty percent of what is charged for adults.