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Koh Kood Beach Resort and the Time of Your Life

You just dream it regardless, imagine a scenario in which that tropical island resort really existed and not simply existed in those far away arriving at corners of your psyche. Koh Kood Beach Resort, Koh Kood may very well have that one secured for you It’s the sort of island that you have just seen in the motion pictures and its openness is just inside scope by vessel. It is an experience which can’t be effectively put into words yet attempt as we must.

As you would envision, Koh Kood Beach Resort is off the weathered way. In light of that, there are a few explorers who tragically see it slip underneath their radar in light of the fact that so a large portion of them have made former responsibilities to a stay at the greater, more restrictive Koh Chang island. It would sincerely be a despairing issue on the off chance that they truly recognized what they were absent. Whatever you do, don’t emulate their example, Visit Koh Kood island when you potentially would, it be able to is a dream spring up.

Along the Glistening White Sands…

Koh Kood has flighty rainforest to tread through, boggy bogs which draw a supernatural vibe and its a conviction that you haven’t ever had an experience like kayaking along all the different conduits which flow the island…pure enchantment. There are additionally choices to motorbike in and around the island or you can simply essentially lounge in its awesome quietness on the sparkling white sands of the islands shores. The greater part of these tropical shorelines have been relinquished and the water’s warmth and extreme blueness are so surreal you now and again question its credibility.

Near to the outskirt of Cambodia, Koh Kood is spotted in the Trat region and it happens to be the fourth greatest island in Thailand. When you look around at this exceptional spot, the psyche at times marvels why such a heavenly area stays immature. The way that it is, must be a really good thing for all the individuals who absolutely never arrange in on taking advantage of spot. The way that it is so amazingly immature, it truly does give an individual an unparalleled feeling of flexibility and space.

Effectively One of the Best Vacations of Your Life

The island has pretty much every component which could make for the most perfect get-away getaway for pretty much any explorer, exploit, unwinding, utter flawlessness. The one defeat is that the island is shy of Atm’s, so before you follow through on appreciating one of the best travels of your life, continually bring simply enough money with you Another issue that may trouble a few is that there isn’t any kind of gift shops or any sort of wild nightlife, it is for the people who are looking for a calm, time in the lap of quietness.

Evening is hugely wonderful and on the off chance that you look towards the shaded, lush ranges, you will discover the vicinity of fireflies, coasting endlessly into the frontal area. Now and again on any given night you will see what looks to associate with a thousand or all the more floating onto a solitary tree.

Cabin and spots to sit tight

On the off chance that you are of the monetary allowance cognizant, then the most perfect facilities would be found along the Klong Chao River. The seasons dependably assumes a part in the expense of hotel or even the inhabitance rate at the time If the lodging are profoundly underbooked than you have yourself an imaginable deal yet in the event that they are, expect to be paying out in the scope of more premium like charges.

Entertainment and Lots of It

Waterfall Lagoons

On the off chance that you truly look to duplicate the dreams of magnificence and separation for which brought you here, you need to keep that topic running with an invigorating swim in Klong Chao Waterfall. It can genuinely feels like a fantasy and amid the more clammy seasons the water gets to be loaded with energy, falling its path into framing the expansive pools in the region. Those pools which are made ended up tremendous and sufficiently profound to appreciate a pleasant swim. While you wade or swim you can research the foundation and see every one of those previously stated fireflies meandering about. It is a surely marvelous sight.

Live as a Beach Bum

Koh Kood Beach Resort, Koh Kood has a variety of around twenty shifted shorelines however numerous will find that daring voyagers with a watercraft in tow have a sharp feeling of enterprise which eventually pays profits to their general experience. You will get the thought that each voyager has their decision of their most loved shorelines, there is doubtlessly you will be joining the club.

Kayak the River

Generally, all resorts normally do give complimentary kayaks to their paying tenants, commonly free however on events there will be a little charge included. Get those paddles, get that kayak and get ready for a water endeavor not at all like anything you have ever experienced. One truly cool thing worth saying is that in the event that you ever take the kayak at night, you will see a few gleaming jellyfish doing what they do in the water. There is something simply by and large bewildering and stunningly delightful about the experience and it is one of the great highlights which basically can’t be missed.

Motorbike It

Open transportation on the island is exceptionally extravagant and simply as of late taxis were acquainted with the area yet the rates and times are profoundly non-conventional and huge numbers of the people who have utilized the administration were moderately miserable. The motorbike will make for a few genuine amusement and exploit, it is the best way to go on the off chance that you genuinely look for a hiahliahted experience to never foraet your excursion. Between the stunnina shorelines.

Koodbeach Act


When seeking the best place to choose for your vacation comfort and accessibility to quality services are among the factors that you consider. It is in this perspective that Koh Kood beach resort is created. With a luxurious atmosphere surrounding the resort, amenities such as an infinity pool o a beaten track in an island is available. This is alongside the lush tropical surroundings and mouth-watering cuisines. To cup it all there is a wide range of recreational and entertainment activities lined up for the period of your stay to ensure that you enjoy maximally.

Koh Kood Beach Resort Review

When seeking the best place to choose for your vacation comfort and accessibility to quality services are among the factors that you consider. It is in this perspective that Koh Kood beach resort is created. With a luxurious atmosphere surrounding the resort, amenities such as an infinity pool o a beaten track in an island is available. This is alongside the lush tropical surroundings and mouth-watering cuisines. To cup it all there is a wide range of recreational and entertainment activities lined up for the period of your stay to ensure that you enjoy maximally.

Location of the Koh Kood Beach Resort

The resort is located in the Koh Kood island. This is within the Ko Kut district in Thailand. Being on an island access to the resort is made through speedboats that are available for hire. These can be found on the Laen Sok pier that is accessible through a flight to Trat Airport. Availability of the speedboat is guaranteed though the system may be lower during the low season only for them to return when the tourist numbers are high. From the pier to the resort, free transport is provided and in such a way no need to worry seeking for transport services. This is also the same when leaving where transport to the pier is made available at no cost.


. Serene environment – The resort is located in the Ko Kut Islands. Cupped with heavy coconut plantations, the island provides a quite environment where every visitor enjoys bounties of fresh air cupped with the cool breeze from the ocean. This is further enhanced by the fact that the island has poor and low infrastructure and in such way leaving the visitors to enjoy by themselves without interruption from the locals.

. Magnificent ocean view – With the island located at about 60 minutes drive by a speedboat, it offers a perfect view of the ocean. It is in this perspective that the Koh Kood beach resort is considered to offer the best of ocean experience where visitors enjoy the view of the ocean as the sunrises and as it goes down.

. Excellent recreational facilities – From beach volleyball, to diving alongside other activities, the resort is one hub of activities that are all tailored to ensure that you never at any time regret or get bored during your stay. This is further enhanced by a customer friendly staff and instructors who not only ensure that you are safe during the exercises but also offer guidance on how to go about various undertakings.

. For those willing to enjoy the nature, Koh Kood beach resort provides bikes for the visitors and in such way enable them take tours around the beach and the island as well.

. For those who love to adventure below the sea surface, this is enhanced by provision of snorkeling gear that enables one to dive deep into the sea. This is further enhanced by the presence of diving instructors and a rescue team that is always at hand to lend a hand in case of any in eventuality.

. A variety of indoor activities including individual DVD system for each room to keep you occupied in the instances you wish to spend your time indoors.

. Those willing to explore deep into the sea for fishing activities as well as exploration of the cove are provided with fully equipped Kayaks.

. Thailand is famous for its great cuisines. This is what you get at the resort where it boasts of great chefs who prepare welcoming dishes according to the preference of the visitor. This is further made better by the great service staff who always ensure that the visitors remain comfortable at all times during the stay.

. Child room policy – This resort is also created to offer its facilities to include family vacation. Provision for children is made to the advantage of the parent. For children below the age of two years, accommodation is free so long they are sharing the bed with the parent. For those above the age of two but below that age of 12 years, accommodation is free if they share the bed with the parent but they are required to pay for breakfast. However, for those above the age of 12 years, they are required to pay for an extra bed as well as other services provided.

. For those travelling on business vacation, communication and access to the internet is available. This is through free Wi-Fi connectivity that is available at the resorts common room. As such one is able to keep in touch with family and business colleagues and hence reducing worries that might interrupt your vacation.

Why You Should Choose Koh Kood Beach Resort

A Few Things You Should Note

. Lack of appropriate infrastructure makes it difficult for tourists to enjoy sightseeing and as well accessing some areas of the island.

. During the high season, the resort is normally overbooked and in such a way proves to be quite difficult to get a room. This is more so when the booking is done within a short notice.

. During the low season – The staffs at the resort are released and hence only few are left and in such provision of services become poor. Even when the issue is raised with the management very little can be done as the staff available is always occupied with other chores.

How to access and make reservations to the resort

Booking for a stay at Koh Kood beach resort is an easy process. Booking can be made straight through the hotels website. On the site there is the tourist finds the range of available rooms and the services available at the given instance. This can also be done through various appointed agents who keep updated information on the latest rates to access the hotel services.


With its wide range of services, Koh Kood beach resort boasts of offering bets services to families, couples and individual on vacation. A stay at the hotel is a rewarding experience through which every visitor leaves with a mark of contentment. This is further enhanced by the absolute facilities provided by the hotel that includes habitable and enjoyable living conditions plus a wide range of activities to keep the whole family occupied during the stay.

Koh Kood Resort, Koh Kood

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