In the past, it was not possible to travel to ferry to Koh Kood between 15th May and 15th October. This made businesses that were dealing with transport services to remain shut down throughout this low season. However, this is no longer the case after we joined forces with the various service providers within the neighborhood to ensure that you can travel safely at any time of the year.

As an express ferry to Koh Kood service provider, we ensure that you are able to travel between Koh Kood and Laem Sok pier at any time you wish. This journey takes on a straight course since we do not make any stop over at private piers as well as islands that lie between these two destinations. On average, our journey takes 75 minutes if nothing happens along the way that we are not able to take control. Our catamaran can accommodate up to 150 passengers in the main deck and the upper deck has another 36 seats. Both the main and the upper decks of the catamaran are well equipped with quality and functional air conditioners to provide ultimate comfort to our clients as they travel between the two islands. Furthermore, we have also provided shuttle bus services at no cost between Laem Sok Pier and the city of Trat.

As soon as we reach Koh Kood, we have a number of pickup trucks transport our passengers to the various resorts of their choice. In the event that you wish to be dropped off at any point that does not allow the passage of roads, your wish is definitely our command. We have a timetable that guides our ferry to Koh Kood, Laem Sok and Koh Mak. The fare that we charge is pocket friendly and includes administrative costs of travelling as well as any taxes that the legal authorities may expect from us. Booking of the tickets is compulsory for any traveler and it is better for you to have it done early enough so that we organize for your safe travel within the shortest time possible. We also provide travel service from Pattaya or Bangkok to the destination. However before we make it happen, you need to have made a booking at least 48 hours before the actual time, you wish to be leaving. You can check for the rates that are affordable from our website so that you not only reach safely but also in good time.