If you are looking to enjoy your stay in Thailand, in a well located hotel complete with beautiful view, the Captain Hook Resort Koh Kood is the place to be.

The hotel is located by the beautiful crystal blue waters of one of the most attractive oceans in the world. The hotels offers it’s visitors with an easy access to the sea complete with an outdoor pool to make sure you enjoy your trip or holiday to the maximum.

In this beautiful location, you have the ability to catch the tantalizing morning view of the ocean, right from your hotel room. The Captain Hook Resort Koh Kood offers it’s guests with different forms of accommodation to suit different people with different budgets and requirements.

Our guests can enjoy a patio, a terrace complete with air condition and even a sparkling clean private bathroom with bath tubs. The bathroom also comes with hotel quality shower and free toiletries. The resort aims to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Once you decide to get accommodation in the Captain Hook Resort, you do not have to worry about packing your toiletries.

From the comfort of the resort, you can take part in outdoor water sports like fishing, canoeing in the sea and not to forget snorkelling.

The resort is located in the most spectacular island in Thailand, the Koh Kood. In this beutiful island, you will be able to enjoy your holiday with some exciting outdoor activities like scuba diving, fishing, snorkelling , trekking and enjoy the catchy view of the worlds most stunning waterfalls. In this island, you can escape the ups and downs of your day to day life, let go of your self and enjoy the wonders of pure nature.

Making a reservation at the Captain Hook Resort is not difficult. You can book your accommodation at the comfort of your couch by just visiting this website. www.kokood.com This way you will get to enjoy a lot of discounts and offers that comes along with online booking. If you did not have time to book your room, do not be worried, Captain Hook Resort has space for every one. You can just come with your family, friends and relative and book right at the customer service desk.

If you want to enjoy your holiday at the most beautiful island in the world, the Captain Hook Resort Koh Kood is waiting for you. Make an online reservation, catch the next flight to Thailand, your accommodation is waiting for you!

Having a great vacation or a place where you can relax without the nuisance that have thronged the world can be a great task in the current day and time. Most of the places that were previously considered as hidden gems have quickly become the most populated places hence their zest and the serenity have been depleted. However, among all the hype and the excitement, there are a couple of resorts among them being Captain Hook in Koh Kood that have managed to retain the serenity and add a touch of elegance and comfort to avail you the best tourism destination that most people only dream of.

Captain Hook Resort is a one of a kind resort that offers a great deal of services not to mention the impeccable service that is offered. Their top of the line service is matched by the features and the diverse options of rooms that they offer. This is why they are worth a 7.8 rating out of 10 and for a hotel this is quite much considering that a great number of them are good at drumming up support for themselves but rarely deliver. However, both Koh Kood and Captain Hook Resort have done quite a good job of both promising and delivering.


Pros :

There are a great deal of reasons as to why one would want to spend their vacation at this one of kind resort and this is because of the diverse benefits that they have to offer and some of these are extended to their customers.

They have a wide range of options especially with the guest rooms. Each of the rooms comes with different services and the best part is that because of this, the resort is able to have a bit of something for everyone. A greater deal of people are therefore able to afford a night or two at the Captain Hook Resort.

The hotel as well as the surrounding are simply picturesque and they are a true candy to the eye. Regardless of whether you are here to get away from the hustles of life or whether you are here to simply have some time to yourself and enjoy what nature has to offer, you can be guaranteed that this one of a kind resort will have the best chance of enjoying all these and for some time you will definitely forget about everything else that the world has ever thrown at you.

Captain Hook Resort also offers a great deal of features and amenities that will make your stay here more than comfortable and definitely one to remember. Some of the features that you should be able to enjoy while you are here include the pool for adults and also kids, watersports, a massage, car park with valet services coffee shops, restaurant and even a poolside bar.

One of the best thing about this resort is the fact that they allow pets here. This means that you are able to enjoy the best outing of your life without having to worry about having to leave your lovable pet at home. While you are here your pet can be able to enjoy the same fun you are. It helps to clear the worry and allows you to focus more on relaxing.

It is also worth mentioning the high standards of service that the resort is able to offer and this is more so with reference to the barman who is quite the catch. While here, you should be able to enjoy quality service with a smile that is timely and very patient with you. The employees understand that the customer is king and they make you feel the same as well.

The hotel has access to a one of a kind natural beach which is in among the best spots in Koh Kood and this means that if you are feeling more adventurous, you can ditch the pools and go for the best that nature has to offer and these are the blue waters of the all-natural beaches that are very well maintained.


Cons :

As much as this may sound like a paradise which in its own right it is, there are a number of things that could be done to make it better and improve the services and also the features of the Captain Hook Resort to make it even better and a more pleasurable place to be.

The express boat services that transfers the visitors to the resort are only available during the high season that is usually between October and May. This can be quite the inconvenience for other tourists that would like to pay a visit outside of the high season.

Also the chances of a guest getting an extra bed in their room depends on the room that they pay for. Which means that visitors with children and do not have the means to go for a room that qualifies for an extra bed may be in for some real trouble.

With the benefits and the disadvantages now in your focus, it is easier to see why a 7.8 star review is ideal for Captain Hook Resort in Koh Kood. The good parts that include the diversity in services, rooms and amenities, the great location and even the transfer services in the high season are among the factors that get the resort to a 7.8 star rating. This is more so the case considering that they give you value for your money.

One the other hand, the lack of regard for tourists that do not come in the high season, or those that are not full boarders dents their credibility to a considerable extent and this is even more so the case given that an extra bed is only availed for tourists that book certain rooms. As such for a person that has a large family and does not have the financial flexibility to book themselves in a proper room might be facing quite the predicament. These are the reasons why the resort loses out on the 2.2 points to help it hit a perfect score.

Regardless, being at the Captain Hook Resort is an experience that is worth remembering and worth the effort. However, it may be of help to make sure that you plan your trip to make sure that you arrive in the high season for the sake of convenience.