When it comes to family vacations in the island of Trat in Thailand, traveling by boat is a guarantee to reach the resort. However before going on the journey, one has to choose the best boat to Koh Kood they wish to travel by as it will either make or break their vacation.


The view available to all on Boat to Koh Kood essentially will help one determine what is best way for their family to travel. In This case there are a number of open view boats. This usually ensures that the family can have the spectacular view from the Boat to Koh Kood and see the resorts and the beaches surrounding them. On the other hand there are the indoor sitting areas that have no outside seating areas. They are typically less expensive and ideal for families with young children who might get sick by the cold on open boats to Koh Kood .

Speed boats vary in charges and the facilities on boat. In this case when it comes to views one should seek into have the most affordable Boat to Koh Kood they would want. When it comes to having speed boats charges vary from 950 baht per person, this is when the boats are resort owned. On the other hand normal slow boats cost a minimum of 200 baht that takes longer to reach the desired destination.

Additional specifications

Charges normally vary from the speed boat normal charges by boat to Koh Kood a 450-500 baht and an open view. However this is usually for the boat ride only and very different from travelling by boat to Koh Kood by resort boats, as it charges 900-950 baht but is inclusive of the taxi ride to the resort where the family is staying. One can also choose to travel indoors to Koh Kood by boat or outdoors. On the other hand charges of the slow boat are usually as little as 200 baht per person. Children under the age of 5 pay half price while smaller children who are carried go free.

Times of travel

Slow boats from the don choke pier generally operate and depart at 0:00 am. This falls on Tuesday and Friday. This is normally for the simple reason that they take 4-5 hours to travel by boat to Koh Kood, this gives enough time for the passengers on the Boat to Koh Kood to reach destination and rest before sightseeing begins. The normal speed Boat to Koh Kood scheduled departures are normally from 0900 hrs and take 1-2 hours on the boat to Koh Kood. However when use of resort speed boats is done departures are at 0900 hours and take between 40- 70 minutes to travel to Koh Kood by boat.