When taking a vacation, a lot of people like to choose a destination that is relaxing and beautiful in order to take a rest from their everyday busy schedules. Aow Noi Resort, Koh Kood is one of the resorts where you can feel well rested and enjoy a fabulous vacation. The resort is very beautiful; it is located in an area with private long sand beach where you can take walks to enjoy the scenery. The resort also has a large crystal blue water body where you can take time to watch the fish that are stored in the water. Apart from picturesque scenery, this resort also has an amazing restaurant where they serve very delicious food. There are also numerous activities to get involved in during your stay at the resort. First and foremost, there is a TV and karaoke opportunity at the restaurant which keeps you entertained. For those who love outdoors, there is canoeing and kayaking opportunities for you. Last but not least, there is sports equipment for those who love to keep fit on vacation as well as various books on different subjects for those who cannot do without a great book.

The time I spent at Aow Noi Resort, Koh Kood is a time that is very memorable for me. The resort is not only beautiful but also very comfortable. I loved the fact that the staff at Aow Noi Resort is very welcoming and quite helpful. I found it very easy to get by through each day with some help from them. The water at the resort is something else I appreciated while I was staying at the Aow Noi Resort. This is because it is very clean and readily available since I got complementary water on a daily basis. I have noticed from the number of resorts I have been to that the resorts do not play close attention to the activities they make available for their guests. This means that its possible to visit a resort and end up doing a few things since there are not many activities to choose from. this however is not the case when it comes to Aow Noi Resort. This resort pays close attention in ensuring that all the guests are entertained. This is something else I liked about the resort. It made it possible for me to do different things each day during my time there. Aow Noi Resort was therefore a great experience for me in general.

Pros : Aow Noi Resort , Koh Kood

There are many advantages a person gets from visiting this resort.

• The Aow Noi Resort is located in a peaceful area that is fit for those who require serenity. The fact that this resort is nowhere near all the noise from the nearby towns is very important because it makes it possible for the guests to enjoy a peaceful time at the resort which is the main purpose of taking a vacation.

• Clean water. Aow Noi Resort has very clean water for drinking as well as for using in other areas such as bathing. This is very important because ot ensures you remain healthy throughout your stay at the resort.

• Polite staff. The staff at this resort is very helpful to the customers and is always ready to help. They make you feel at home.

• Numerous activities. The Aow Noi Resort is very fun to stay at because there are various things you can do to avoid getting bored. There activities for everyone. It is therefore impossible to get bored at this resort.

• Beautiful scenery. The resort is very beautiful. It creates an amazing backdrop for photos which you can take to share the memories with friends and family.

• Great food. One of the things that would make me go back to this resort in a heartbeat is the food. The food at this resort is very delicious. It is also served very well. While I was there, I always looked forward to the nest meal. The resort should not make changes to their food.

Cons : Aow Noi Resort, Koh Kood

There are various disadvantages I noticed about this resort.

• Uncomfortable bungalows. The bungalows at this resort are made of wooden material that has a few spaces around it. I noticed lizards getting into the bungalow through the spaces. Mosquitoes are also in large numbers during the night which makes sleeping in these wooden bungalows very uncomfortable at night.

• Fewer facilities in the room. Compared to other resorts, the Aow Noi Resort does not have adequate facilities in their rooms. This is quite a disadvantage because it requires you to miss out on some things you are accustomed to. However, the facilities that are available are well made and are very clean. It may be a good idea for the management to solve this little problem.

My rating for the Aow Noi Resort is at 8.9 out of 10. The reason I gave this resort a rating of 8.9 is the fact that there are numerous advantages I noticed from them that are difficult to get in most resorts. The fact that the staff is supportive, the food is delicious and there are numerous activities is the main reasons why I loved the Aow Noi Resort so much. However the 1.1 off the rating is due to the accommodation and lack of facilities. This is because I think it is important to have a comfortable room.

In conclusion, the Aow Noi Resort, Koh Kood is an amazing resort. The pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to this resort. The disadvantages I found easy to get by since they were not that serious. It only requires you to have information about the place before going in order to carry all you need. If you do so, you are guaranteed of a great time at this resort. Therefore, Aow Noi Resort in my opinion is a great place to spend some time off work or just some relaxing time. You will not want to leave when it’s time to go back to your daily activities.