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Why select analay resort in koh kood as a holiday destination?

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The analay resort in koh kood offer a wide range of fun activities that you can choose when you need to understand what best that fits your needs even as you do make your choice easily. When you do visit the place, you will understand all that they have when offering you the best catering you these services. Many people who have been visiting this place has been sure that they would get the services that best fits their needs when visiting the city.

The analay resort koh kood has several attraction points that you can choose whenever you need a place where you can call home whenever you need these services. With these attractions, you should be sure that you would make your choice when looking for these options that you would need when visiting the place during your stay in the city. The number of people who visit the place has been increasing everyday whenever they want that cool place where they can celebrate and have good times.

The weather conditions in analay resort koh kood is also amazing whenever you need a place where you can visit whenever you are having some of the best times during your holidays. The place has some of the best weather conditions especially from the cool breeze and weather adjusted to see when making your choice easily. You will for sure love your stay in analay resort in koh kood when visiting.

In conclusion, the information should help you understand why you need to select analay resort in koh kood as a holiday destination.

Koh Kood island is the fourth largest island in Thailand and is comprised of 127 miles of land. The shores are lined with beautiful white sand beaches and rocky outcroppings. The blue-green waters are ideal for snorkeling and swimming, which contribute to the area’s popularity as a holiday destination. The waters offer a bountiful playground of coral to explore and coolness to enjoy, while the interior of the island is covered in dense rainforest. Visitors can lounge on the beach, take in some sun, go for a swim, or hike through the jungles and visit such breathtaking sites, such as the famous “Klong Jao Waterfall”.

The An-A-Lay, or Analay Resort in Koh Kood is a popular place to stay.



Moderately priced bungalows and prime Koh Kood beachfront are the star attractions to the Analay Resort. Rated highly by visitors, the Analay Resort has several getaway package deals for couple and families to enjoy. The simple and clean design of the bungalows allows guests to really take in and enjoy the scenery that brought them there to begin with.

The Analay Resort restaurant offers a fine fair of local foods, and the bar serves up traditional beach specialties. The Analay Resort is conveniently located right on the beachfront, with easy day access to inland sites that were favorite destinations by King Rama V. There are over four waterfalls throughout the island, each of which is nestled among scenic jungle backdrops. There is the “Klong Chao”, “Klong Yai Kee”, Huang Nam Keaw”, and “Klong Jao” waterfalls as well as the two ancient trees, the “Sai Yai” and “Mayayuk”, that visitors can easily visit over the course of a typical day trip.Many visitors enjoy spending the first half of the day exploring the waterfalls and returning to the beach to cool down in the crisp ocean waters.

For anyone who enjoys being among nature and meditating in serene settings, Koh Kood is the perfect destination. The quint and conveniently located, Analay Resort in Koh Kood generally earns a 4 out of 5 stars for most visitors.

The major Pros to staying at the Analay Resort in Koh Kood, Thailand.

When looking over reviews and offerings from the Analay Resort, that can be easily summarized in the following highlights.

  • The stunning scenery will make you want to spend most of your time outside of your bungalow.
  • Easy land access to the the many scenic locations on the island.
  • The vacation packages available include 3 days 2 nights, 6 meals, ferry to and from the island, and one day snorkeling/kayaking, which is option for the latter.
  • A friendly staff that caters to guests needs.
  • Modestly decorated and clean rooms.
  • Air Conditioning in rooms, updated televisions, good working showers.
  • Easy access to activities such as fishing, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, boating, and more.
  • Swimming pool for those who prefer it for swimming.
  • Jacuzzi available with some bungalows.
  • One of the best values in Koh Kood.
  • On site restaurant and bar to meet most, if not all your dietary needs during your stay.

There are a few Cons when it comes to choosing the Analay Resort in Koh Kood.

While it is close to a perfect tropical paradise, there are some downfalls to choosing a resort in Koh Kood.

  • Being on the beachfront and offering a lot of destinations in Koh Kood, those with walking impairments may want to reconsider.
  • Due to its geographical location, the heat and humidity can be high in the region. Those who are sensitive to such things should take this into consideration when choosing any beachfront accommodations, including but limited to, Analay Resort.
  • Limited channels on television, though for most that is not a real issue.Analay-Resort1

With all that it offers, why is the Analay Resort in Koh Kood only 4 out of 5 stars?

The only reason that it is not a full 5 out of 5 stars is that some elderly and disabled have difficulty enjoying all that the area has to offer. In truth, it is nothing against the Analay Resort, but more personal limitations. That is not to say that all elderly and disabled cannot enjoy Koh Kood, as the island and Analay Resort see people of all ages and physical status each year. The one star difference merely reflects the smaller portion who have difficulty with travel in general.

That being said, there is still a lot to see and take in, even for those who have mobility issues. One does not have to be able to stand to enjoy the majesty of the waterfalls or the beauty of the blue-green ocean. The staff of the Analay Resort are very friendly and more than happy to help accommodate their guests whenever and however possible.

In summary, the Analay Resort in Koh Kood is a wonderful destination.

With their discount rates, clean rooms, and many simple amenities, Analay Resort is a prime destination in Koh Kood. The fact that they offer ferry service back and forth between the mainland, help contribute to the level of convenience and value that you get with a bungalow package. The prices and services are so great, most visitors say more than a few nights.

If you are considering your next vacation, or if your travels take your through Thailand, then taking a stay at the Analay Resort in Koh Kood is definitely worthwhile. Of the resorts in Koh Kood, they have some the best prices for a simple beachfront get away. If you are looking for the next great, and almost best kept secret style getaway, then the Analay Resort is your best choice to take advantage of the ideal Thailand vacation.