Special Low Season Price Resorts at Koh Kood

1. TinkerBell Resort Koh Kood

The TinkerBell Resort Koh Kood is the perfect destination for a quixotic holiday in seventh heaven. The staff is friendly, the restaurant is wonderful and the bungalows are spacious and festooned discerningly. If you want to let go and unwind in style, this getaway is perfect for you. The special low season price for this resort is between 7,500 and 13,500 THB.

2. Wendy the Pool Resort

Wendy is a resort that is made up of eight pool villas (all very spacious) and a single beach front suite (with striking chalky white sand at the front). The bungalows are connected by the gargantuan swimming pool. The (partial) open-air restaurant has a cocktail bar and there are a number of lounging areas that will offer a great reading area. The decoration of the areas is classy, giving sunshine in some areas and shade in others and always a lovely breeze. The special low season price for the Wendy Resort is between 11,000 and 50,500 THB.

3. The Beach Natural Resort

This resort is located right in the center of the gorgeous, serene Bang Bao Bay. The resort is family friendly as well as romantic and is ideal for a holiday. The Beach Natural Resort is certainly a great mishmash of blasé and sumptuousness. The special low season price is between 1,900 and 10,750 THB.

4. A-Na-Lay Resort

The A-Na-Lay Resort is located not too far from another gorgeous and serene beach—the Sai Daeng. It is set up on the cape of the immaculate bay and offers startling ocean views. There are some stunning natural views that surround the A-Na-Lay Resort and a nice concrete path that leads to the main road. There is always a velvety sea breeze that sweeps across the place. The special low season price for the resort is between 400 to 6,000 THB.

5. I-Lay House

The I-Lay House is one of the newest beachfront Koh Kood locations. It is located at Ao Phrao Beach. There are wooden bungalows (with air conditioning) available. These are not too far away from the dramatically eye-catching beach itself. The special low season price is 1,700 THB.

6. Mangrove Bungalow

This resort is family-run, located at the Klong Chao Center, only a few minutes’ walk from the beach. The Mangrove Bungalow is open all year round. There are a limited number of bungalows that are available—located along two rows, in a greatly manicured garden just around the Klong Chao River. The special low season price is between 500 and 4,000 THB.

These are by far not the only special low season price resorts at Koh Kood, but are perhaps the top six. Any of these resorts will provide that special holiday feel that you are looking for, at great affordable prices.