Even though we think of our resort as one of the most blissful places on earth, I recommend that you make a short journey to the Koh Kood resort. One would be given a pass for thinking that this exclusive beach resort is in St. Tropez or Malibu. But this is Koh Kood, a remote haven of rainforests, mangrove trees, waterfalls and pristine beaches sitting in the Southeastern part of Thailand’s Gulf near the maritime border with Cambodia.

Koh Kood Island is not so much developed, hence the water here is clean and the beach is epic. One can fancy the beautiful sunset almost anywhere in that place. You can even watch the sunset right from your bed. At night, you can have an endless view of the moon and stars before going to bed. The beach is engulfed by endless opportunities for outdoor exploration and bliss. For those who opt to relax and do nothing at all, they are well covered too.

Koh Kood is the number one choice for your marine adventures. Here, visitors are provided with a relaxed hassle free atmosphere for fantastic diving and lots of fun. It does not matter whether you are an experienced fun diver, a beginner or just curious as to what diving is all about, the resort addresses your every need. Here, we understand that the visitor’s core reason for visiting is to have a good time. Hence we try as much as possible to be flexible hence tailoring your diving courses to fit your schedule. We are also flexible enough to offer training if you would like to take longer to complete your training. Trainers could also come to your resort or offer you accommodation for theory lessons if it suits you better.

There are daily boat trips on which we visit two dive/snorkel spots. Divers are given guidance by the dive masters and we dive in small groups. Snorkelers get full equipment mas, snorkel and fins. There is a briefing on snorkeling before one dives into the water and a snorkel guide to show the best spots. Diving and snorkeling is done from the same boat and 80% of the dive sites are equally good snorkel sites. For those who opt to do only one dive it is possible to do a dive off the beach. All you need is make sure that a guide is at the proximity. The half day trip on the Koh Kood offers two snorkel spots and we either leave in the morning or in the afternoon depending on the customers. We take a short break and have a snack between the dive spots. The snorkel experience at the Koh Kood is epic, it is definitely the place to be.