“Koh Kood Andaman Sea of the East in Thailand

Many tourists  call Koh Kood that “Andaman Sea of the East ” That is because the beach and bay here are beautiful beaches like the Andaman sea.

Koh Kood are located in Trat Thailand, not far far from Koh Chang that the biggest island in Thailand. Koh Kood is a popular place to visit.

The recognition that the rich blue sea, beautiful natural beaches, the wonderful coral the sea very clean. traveler who prefer enjoy nature and relax.

Koh Kood remains a completely natural, with mountain ridges and plains. The origin of the water stream, making the island has several waterfalls such as Klong Jao waterfall

and Klong Yai Kee waterfal etc.  The tourists come to visit Koh Kood island each year that  make many earnings to the local people in island and people in Trat province well.

You can choose the Package Tour Koh Kood from variety of leading resort such as Captain Hook Resort, Peter Pan Resort, Aow Noi Resort Etc.

Or you can book only the room and then you can choose the activity more directly at the Koh Kood island such as snorkeling Koh Rang Koh Yak, Kayaking , and visit to Waterfalls.

When you choose a Package Tour Koh Kood island Trat, you will never be disappointed when paid to make experience the natural beauty, ideal for moments of relaxation you both a short and long term for your holiday.