How To Go To Koh Kood Island


How To Go To Koh Kood Island (Ko Kut), Trat, Thailand

For a lot of people, their travel plans to visit Thailand end with Pattaya, Bangkok, Koh Samui and Phuket. But if you tweak the map a bit more, you’ll see a lot of places at the borders of the country where you can spend some of the most luxurious and leisure time alone, or with your closed ones.

Koh Kood is one of those destinations in Thailand and becoming increasingly popular among modern visitors. Koh Kood is situated in the Southeast part of Thailand, lying near maritime border along with Cambodia. This island may look a bit far from the capital at first, but once you get there, you will realize that all your patience and time spent on traveling has paid off really well. In this guide, we will discuss some modes of transportation and ways that you can use to go to Koh Kood Island. This guide on how to go to Koh Kood island will help you pick the right mode of travel as per your travel schedules.

How To Go To Koh Kood from the mainland

Most of the high end, as well as budget resorts have tie-ups with Koh Kood speedboat service. This service sails from Laem Sok pier on mainland, This is to make sure that their guests have had safe and quick journey experience from the mainland.

Speedboats from Laem Sok currently offer daily transfers to the beautiful Koh Kood island. These boats depart from Laem Sok pier at approximately 9 am every morning and take you directly to the resort. You also get a free and comfortable pick up and drop service from your hotel or resort, especially if they are located in downtown. You can also book the tickets for speedboats from their official website. But in most cases you can just call your hotel and get the reservations made.

For afternoon transfers, there are many fast ferry services that you can opt for. They are very fast and depart from Laem Sok at 12 in the afternoon. The service is active whole around the year. They also offer the same pick up and drop service that other speedboat companies do. . However, on the island, the fast ferries makes one stop only and passengers are taken from there to the resort through Song Teaw shuttle service.

Fantasea fast service is another fast way to reach the island and they are made in a way to make the journey even more safer. Boonsiri company launches the service for daily two round trip transfer to the exotic Koh Kood with certain stops. Despite the fact that you get extra comfort and stability, the ticket prices are not at all higher in comparison to the ferry and speedboat transfers. You can also book the service from Bangkok to Koh Kood all-in-one package, in which a comfortable coach will carry you from Bang Na in the Bangkok to the offices in Laem Sok.



Boonsiri High Speed Ferry

The first stop is the island of Koh Mak, 50 minutes after leaving Leam Sok. Additional passengers to Koh Kood are boarded here and the journey through clear, tropical waters continues. Enjoy the views of surrounding islands along the way.Please contact us.

Ko Kut Express Speed Boat

Enjoy the excitement of travelling by fast new speedboats when you sail from the beautiful resort-like Ko Kut Express Speed Boat lounge in Laem Sok to your private resort on Koh Kood island in only 60-90 minutes.Please contact us.

Ko Kut Express Ferry

Kut Express is a fast ferry boat service that offers the advantage of traveling in a nearly straight line between the Laem Sok pier on the mainland and Koh Kood main pier at the west coast of this tropical island.Please contact us.

Warachoke Wuttichai
Slow boat operated by from Don Choke Pier departing 0.00 AM very Tuesday and Friday It takes about 4-5 hours. Cost is Baht 200.- There is also a speed boat operate by Ao Phrao Speed Boats that departs for Koh Kood at 9.00 am daily, taking 1-2 hours. The cost is 600 Bath/per person. For exact details. Please contact us.

Mark House Speed Boat
Departing for Koh Kood daily at 9.00 AM. Baht 550.- per person. Please contact us.

How To Go To Koh Kood Island Airport Pickups

Airport pick ups and transfers are also a good option if your hotel or resort provide the services. Most resorts in Koh Kood offer free airport transfer services for their guests, but you may have to spend a bit extra for others. In case, you arrive after 12:00, or if you have enough time and want to save your money, you can always take a shared airport limousine to Trat City

How To Reach At Koh Kood In A Bus from Bangkok

The first bus service that starts from Bangkok is at approximately 06:00 – 06:15 every day from the Ekkemai Station station or the Mor Chit station. The last bus for the same is at approximately 23:15 from either the Mor Chit or Ekkemai bus terminals in Bangkok. These services meet the respective shuttle at the bus station in Trat at “gate” number 25 of the bus station. It should be noted that during the lean season, there can be changes in the time. You should always talk to your travel agent when planning to travel to Trat by bus.

How To Go To Koh Kood Island Downtown Bangkok Pickups

Downtown Bangkok pickups and Bangkok airport pickups are also available. If your flight lands at the Bangkok airport at approximately 7 in the evening, you may have to spend the night at the hotel nearby, as the minibus would not be able to get you to the pier before 1 pm in the afternoon.

Places To Stay

● The place exhibit a luxury class of hotels and accommodation. Popular high-end hotels offer extremely luxurious places to live if you do not want to settle down for anything less.

● For those who do not want to spend much for accommodation can look out for budget hotels that provide luxury at low price. The only thing that these type of accommodation lack is the scenic beauty. Otherwise, all the hotels are located at the center of many major attractions and just a few blocks away from major points.

Where to Eat and Drink

You must be surprise to know, but some of the good quality and extremely delicious variety of food can be found at food vendors on the street. These carts may not have facility like a five-star hotel, but the food you will get to eat here will despic the culture and tradition of the place, which cannot be missed. There is a large variety of food that Koh Kood island has to offer but with some of its own specialties.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Koh Kood island is from November to May. These are dry season and so you can make most of your time. It is highly recommended to visit the city during Yi Peng Lantern Festival. This festivals takes place in November every year, where thousands of lanterns are floated into the evening sky giving you an enchanting experience.

So if you were looking for a ultimate destination for your next vacation, then Koh Kood island can your pick. It is one stop destination for adventure, spirituals and recreational activities!

Will see speedboat from Koh Kood : video example Aow Noi Resort, Koh Kood, Trat. You can feel when you stay in Speedboat.

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